Student Spotlight

April 2, 2024

Tabitha Marean, a junior, was chosen by her art teacher, Melissa Sussman, for her exceptional artistic talent, creativity, and productivity. Outside of her art, Tabitha enjoys reading and playing video games. Following high school, she plans to pursue an author/illustrator career or create commissioned art.

Quote from Tabitha: "I have been creating art for quite a few years now, placing a special emphasis on watercolor painting. I enjoy reviewing my past and present work and witnessing my growth. Character design is of special interest to me."


March 26, 2024

Jada Lehr, a senior, secured first place in Mixed Media at the Susquehanna County Student Art Exhibition. She is passionate about design and tattoo art and enjoys makeup, reading, and socializing. Post-graduation, Jada plans to apprentice at a tattoo parlor to become a professional tattoo artist or body piercer.

Quote from Jada: "I worked really hard on this project. I used a lot of my free time to rework parts I was unsure of. It feels gratifying to be acknowledged for my hard work. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished."



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