Stock Market Challenge Winners Press Release

Susquehanna Community School District

The Susquehanna Community School District would like to congratulate Carson Beamer and Jonathan Jenkins for winning first and second place in the Stock Market Challenge. The Stock Market Challenge was sponsored by Honesdale National Bank and is part of a broader commitment made by HNB to help prepare Susquehanna Community students to be financially literate. The Stock Market Challenge culminated a year-long study of economics for Mr. Goodrich’s 11th-grade students. The Stock Market Challenge allows students to interact with the stock market in realtime through simulated investments. Each student is provided with a simulated $100,000 to invest as they see fit. Students are then responsible for managing their finances over the course of the Stock Market Challenge. Eighteen of the forty-five students that took part in the Stock Market Challenge were able to make a profit. The top two students both earned a profit of $45,415.37 and $31,047.77, respectively. When asked what his secret to success was, Carson Beamer stated: “I made all my money off short-selling the same company as their stock price kept moving up and down repetitively.” Elizabeth Nagy, of Honesdale National Bank, presented Carson and Jonathan each with a certificate and a $100 prize for their efforts.